As of late A Robot who happens to be an artist sold art for 688,888 dollars. The robotics name? Sofia and she is not just talented in art, as she is also into, jokes, songs and all kind of art. The creators of Sofia have been programing her and getting her more and more advanced. She has a full voice and is a gold mind for art. But some might not think that Sofia is the Artist. As her creator said, “I envisioned Sofia as a creative artwork herself…” and as said many might think that Sofia is art. That is a question that many ask, as it is not clear nor there. But that brings in the idea of online art as an industry, as the new idea of NFT is the idea of online art. The idea is that if you copyright a set of pixels and you are the only one to have them out then it would be easy to sell out to multi-baby people who would like to use it. This also works as someone would want to do this with sports clips. The future of this industry is in all kinds of stuff like this. As there is a multi-billion dollar future industry. As more robotics and future development aim to be in this industry more and more will get into it. 

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